European Best Spots

Fuerteventura, Spain

Wind sweeps the shore day after day. No need to sit out when it shifts direction though, just drive to the other side of the island.

Lake Garda, Italy

Steep hills plunge from the Alps and pinch Lake Garda’s edges, creating two main wind patterns. The early morning Pelér funnels cool air from the north, rewarding early risers.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic

Strong, consistent trade winds blow side-shore and side-onshore all summer. It can get crowded, but the kiting is so good people don’t care.

American Destinations

Maui, Hawaii

The wind is practically guaranteed in this tropical paradise. Fringing reef creates flat-water lagoons for free-riders, and the surf’s almost always up on the edge.

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

This barrier island chain runs north to south, then doglegs west, creating options in any wind.

Columbia River Gorge, Washington

“The Gorge” literally takes air through the Cascade Range, creating wind almost all summer long. A backdrop of cliffs and waterfalls adds to the allure.

Kiteboarding in Africa

Babaomby, Madagascar

Strong, consistent winds and crystalline waters combine to create idyllic conditions.

Essaouria, Morocco

Kite-able coastline stretches along the Atlantic for miles, so there’s plenty of space, with everything from beginner-friendly flats to advanced waves.

Langebaan, South Africa

Popularly known as the ‘jewel of the west coast’, the Langebaan is an endless playground of butter-flat waters.

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