10 Best Places To Learn Kitesurfing

1. Rhodes– Greece

This is a great spot because it was discovered not long ago and as such, still has authentic and unspoiled landscape, with very few people and breathtaking scenery. It has a Sandy beach with no obstacles or hazards in the water. Best Winds are in Mid-June to Mid-September, it blows between 16 to 24 knots. There are some excellent places to stay in Rhodes and you can see them on our pages, Kitesurfing in Rhodes

2. Guajiru – Brazil

The lovely peaceful fisherman villages are a perfect location for memorable first steps in kitesurfing. There are a nice wave and shallow flat water lagoon. The perfect wind blows during the season (July-January) at 20-28 knots side-shore to side-onshore. There are some great places to stay in Brazil, and you can find them by checking out or Brazil Kitesurfing Pages.

3. Essaouira – Morocco

A great spot for beginners to kite surf, because all year round you can do your thing, even in the least reliable months (December to January). The best kiting is the left side of the bay so away from the old town. Here the beach is less crowded and the wind more consistent. The curved shape of the bay and cross-on winds make it safe, and kite schools offer safety boat assistance. There is always consistent wind that allows for everyday kite surfing. To see our top places to stay check out our kitesurfing Essaouira pages.

4. Le More -Mauritius

Le More is famous for its powdery white beaches and beautiful blue water. In the southwest corner of the island js a shallow lagoon, where beginners and learners can take beginners kitesurf lessons and practice with professional instructors. The water is usually at 23-290c, with winds between 16-24knots. The most favorable time is from May to October.

5. Kalpitya – Sri Lanka

Located about 170 miles north of the International airport, this place has great kitesurfing conditions. The water is warm (at 260c) with consistent winds (May to September 20knots, December to March 17-20knots).

6. Cabarete – Dominican Republic

Cabarete is not the kitesurfing capital of the Dominican Republic for nothing. There are several beaches where international pros kite surf (you can watch to pick one or two skills) but the best spot for beginners and learners at the Cabarete is the officially named Kite beach.

7. Soma bay – Egypt

Located 28miles south of the Hurghada Airport and surrounded by the Red Sea, the Soma Bay is a popular kitesurfing destination for kitesurf camps. It has waist-deep waters at bathtub temperature of 280c. It is windy all year, but the winds are strongest (at 22knots) in May and October. The soft white sands keep you safe from stubbing your foot on rocks.

8. Hamata – Egypt

Hamata is one of the popular kitesurf destinations in Egypt, with a huge playground and scenic mangrove trees. There are beautiful reefs with lots of practice space for you and other learners. It’s also popular because it has the highest wind chances it Egypt. It is well-organized and less crowded.

9. El Gouna – Egypt

The spacious flat water of the El Gouna provides the great kitesurfing conditions for beginners/learners. There is a huge standing area, the atmosphere is very open-minded and the destination is only a short flight from Europe, these are some reasons why a lot of kite Surfers love Hamata.

10. Langebaan – South Africa

Popularly known as the ‘jewel of the west coast’, the Langebaan is an endless playground of butter-flat waters, a flat water heaven if I may say. It has plenty of space with white sand beaches and consistent winds all season.